Hunan Province, China

Wall Cladding System

Compact Laminate

Hemali·Shirble is a new department store brand launched by Shirble Department Store and Alibaba in Shenzhen. As a new retail solution of Shirble Department Store and Alibaba, Hemali is a pilot project in Jufu Store of Shirble Group.

DEBO and Wenye Decoration, the interior construction unit, have worked hand in hand to customize public toilet partitions, compact laminate composite doors and washing cabinets for them. The colors applied DEBO compact laminate 25483# Lychee Oak. The two parties overcame the difficulties of short construction period, heavy tasks and strict requirements, and ensured that the “Hemali·Shirble” jointly renovated by Shirble Department Store and Hema Xiansheng was officially opened on November 30, 2019.

DEBO compact laminate design meets aesthetic requirements, which is durable, and has the characteristics of fire resistance, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance. At the same time, it has a variety of colors to select. The color is uniform and elegant, and it can be flexibly matched.