Cutting up fitness center

Wuhan, Hubei, China

DEBO Lockers System

Compact Fiberboard

Today, national fitness has become a fashioned trend. In order to attract customers, health clubs have upgrade environment, improve the level of hardware and software facilities in succession. The changing room is for the fitness enthusiast bathing, dressing, place items where the environment must be comfortable, but also needs safe, strong and durable lockers, so as to make exerciser feel at home.

Cutting UP Fitness Center is the only five-star high reputation chain gym in Wuhan, Its new opened branch located in the largest shopping center AEON MALL, Wuhan. With fantasy store environment, variety of high-end fitness equipment, and a wealth of entertainment and leisure facilities, attracted many fitness enthusiasts to be consumed.

Risewell Industry provides 340 exclusive customized lockers for its dressing rooms and VIP rooms. When the pinky women dressing room locker get in sight, make the girls heart leaps, it seems like to feeling love. While the green male room lockers, brings a refreshing feeling after sweating exercise.

It is worth mentioning that Risewell Industry timely provide professional and reasonable solutions for the customer problems at site. At that time, Cutting UP Fitness Center wants to create an impending locker for VIP lounge, but because of the wall of the construction side is too thin is too brittle, the screw is not tight during installation, moreover, the panels from us are heavy and relatively thick, can’t to lock screws according to the traditional method to fixing the cabinet. Based on the above, Risewell Industry used the metal framework to supporting the cabinets and makes them both generous and beautiful, received high praise.

Considering that Risewell Industry owns honorable position in the industry, Cutting UP Fitness Center invited us involved throughout the discussions of design details, which included the color selection of materials, electronic lock selected and spatial design scheme, making Risewell Industry understanding of customer needs in full ranges, and produce high-quality products which satisfied all.