DEBO® Interior Door

Giving more texture and inspiration to your room

DEBO® solid Compact Laminate interior door system perfectly solves the needs for properties of doors in high traffic and frequently used public areas, such as waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-proof, stain-proof, impact-proof, scratch-proof and anti-bacterial.

DEBO® interior doors are mainly composed of Compact Laminate panels, aluminum profiles and aluminum honeycomb. The door is made of aluminum honeycomb in the middle and 3-4mm Compact laminate panels on both sides, with aluminum profiles embedded around the door to reinforce the frame. It innovates the concept of traditional interior doors and brings us a new experience of safety, comfort and durability.

DEBO® doors are available in a wide range of colors and are of the highest quality. Because of the high performance of the Compact laminate, the anti-bacterial material can be added into the surface, besides waterproof and moisture resistant, DEBO® doors are also environmentally friendly and hygienically clean. In addition, DEBO® doors are easy to install and easy to clean.

  • Durability

    Water, Fire,Moisture,Impact

  • Colorful

    Various surface, Excellent intensity
    and color depth

  • Hygiene

    Enhanced anti-bacterial properties,

  • Easy-to-use

    Machining friendly, Easy to clean,
    Easy to maintain

Door type selection

  • Single Door
  • Sub-door
  • Double door
  • Sliding door

Single Door

DEBO® Compact single door has excellent antibacterial and impact resistance, its unique design brings out a simple and elegant appearance, which is ideal use in commercial or public areas where hygiene and antibacterial properties are required, such as classrooms, treatment rooms, and pet hospitals. (with window styles are available)

  • Nanotech Material with soft touch

    DEBO® CleanTop® panel adopts European advanced nano-cleaning technology, which gives the panel a unique self-cleaning ability with anti-fingerprint and anti-bacterial properties. The baby-like super soft skin touch and high saturation visual impact bring new creative trend to high-end interior design. The application in residential, commercial and public areas sublimates your full sensory experience.

  • Perfect properties for a healthy life

    DEBO® Compact board has special properties of impact resistance, wear resistance, environmental protection. Whether it is for creation or interior decoration, the unique properties of compact board become an important force of structural support, especially in a variety of harsh environment, it can perfectly play its unique properties to meet the needs of high-performance customer selection.

Why choose
DEBO® Interior door?

Giving more texture and inspiration to your room

  • 20+ years Industry Benchmark

    Founded in 2004, DEBO® leading the market with Quality & Innovation.

  • International Quality Compliance

    Full equipped with National and International Quality Testing and Certifications.

  • Strong R&D in Solution

    Forward-thinking mindset in development and operation.

  • Complete Supply-Chain Service

    Professional team providing one-stop solution: from consultant, design to production, installation and maintenance.