• Excellent intensity and colour depth

  • Various surface

  • Rub resistant

  • Resistant to dry heat

  • Moisture-proof

  • Machining Friendly

DEBO® Metal HPL Metallic, Trendy Surface

DEBO® HPL with metal finish is a classic HPL board in the collection of DEBO® boards. Its surface is decorated with cool metal material which has a premium aesthetic of brushed effect and rustcolor in interior decoration. Its stronger performance of decoration shows an unique and classy taste, which is attractingthe marketof building and furniture.

The advantages of good heat insulation, stable and shock -proof and higher level of flame retardant could prolong the service life and ensure the safety of furniture effectively.

  • Easy to clean

  • Hygienic

  • Fire-resistant

  • Mold-resistant

  • Stain resistant

  • Scratch-proof

  • Distinctive, High-end

    DEBO® Metal HPL combines varied metal looks with the special physical properties of laminated boards. Different from ordinary fireproof board, the appearance of DEBO® Metal HPL is so clear, impressive, and distinctive that widely used in high-end indoor background wall, sliding door, space partition, cabinet, wardrobe, etc.

Beyond Decoration

DEBO® Metal HPL is made of special metal surface and treatment. The brushed finishes, mirror effect and rusted colors are provided in a manner of nature, which is also easy to clean and maintain. Meanwhile, it has unique glossy texture of metal and super smooth touch, which creates the high-end atmosphere to space.