DEBO® HUWAl-HPL™ Nature Wood

For over 20 years, DEBO® has been taking R&D fundamentally and continuingly as the core strategy to pursue versatility and quality and to meet the increasingly demanding applications. DEBO® Compact HUWAl-HPL™ Nature Wood is a combination of Solid Wood Veneer and Compact HPL, highlighting the noble elegance of natural wood finishes while expressing the idea of returning to nature.

  • Anti-UV

  • Weather resistant

  • Resistance to Climate Change

  • Water proof

  • Stain resistant

  • Impact-proof

  • Easy to clean

  • Anti-cigarette burns

  • Scratch-proof

  • Easy to process and install

  • Hygienic

  • Rub resistant

No Afraid of Challenge

DEBO® Compact HUWAl-HPLTM Nature Wood is made by lamination process that uses layers of materials. Its construction resulted from high temperature and high pressure enables it to withstand all kinds of harsh weather and climatic conditions. Using the production technology of Compact HPL, Solid Wood Veneer and High-performance UV film, DEBO® Compact HUWAl-HPL Nature Wood is not only UV resistant and anti-fading, but also crack resistant and mildew resistant.

  • Applications

    Because of its unique specification and creative application, It is suitable for high-end decoration of various indoor and outdoor scenes and has become one of the most popular veneers of various high-end finishing products.

  • Quality Certificate

    DEBO® Compact HUWAl-HPL Nature Wood has rigorous exterior fastness, weather resistance and other outdoor performance testing requirement. It's CE certified, in accordance with international quality standards EN438: 2005. It meets European standards of safety, health and environmental-friendly. Meanwhile, It achieves china national industrial standard and fire rated tests.

Beyond Decoration

DEBO® Compact HUWAl-HPL Nature Wood is widely used in outdoor curtain wall, outdoor furniture…… It is favored by designers all over the world for its realistic solid wood feeling. It is also available in a wide range of colors, sizes and thicknesses to meet different needs and decorative effects.