DEBO® has passed the FSC and PEFC certifications, and the raw materials used have been controlled and managed from the source, and rationally exploited to ensure the sustainable development of the environment. DEBO® took the lead in passing the GREENGUARD Green Guard and the equivalent test TVOC in decoration board industry.

DEBO® has also passed the EU REACH and US RoSH test, making a great contribution to protecting human health and environment, and producing safer products. Regarding the food safety, DEBO’s related products have passed the FDA test, and the food is able to directly contact the surface of the board, meeting the safety requirements of domestic and foreign consumers for safe use, health and environmental protection.


DEBO® products have excellent quality with excellent durability. Less replacement frequency means that products enjoys longer life span, fewer resources utilization, lower pollutant emission levels, and fewer pollutants emission.


The processed chips and swarf of DEBO® board are harmless to human health. This also means that the residual waste can even be handled by directly heating without discharging pollutants such as hydrochloric acid, organic chlorine compounds or dioxins.


DEBO® continuously improves products and achieves sustainability. Sustainability refers to persistence, which means that materials and products can re-enter the production process and become new and even better products.