Brand Story

In 1992 or earlier, the founder team of DEBO® came to Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, from where they started basic work as grass-roots.

From roads making to houses building; from agenting brands to owning factories; from Dare-to-dream to small achievements… DEBO® brand products, from the beginning to today, have been closely following up the development of this city and this era, innovating, exploring, and moving forward all the way.

  • Innovation Pioneer
    Focus on R & D Innovation more than 20 Years
  • International Quality
    Complied with International Standard System
  • Forward-Thinking
    Design leads the market
  • ECO-Development
    Caring for nature and sustainability

Our Journey

Early 1990s

Our founder Mr John Chan was fascinated with the application and utilization of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) because of his business of Kitchen and Bathroom cabinet production. For the high demanding of both decoration and performance in high traffic publics, Thin HPL and Thick Compact HPL have been

proved to be the best performance plate materials worldwide.

2004, NEW Born

DEBO® (DEcorative BOards) was created by Risewell Industries in 2004 with a pool of HPL specialists from abroad and national. Even though the products – HPL and Compact were new to the Chinese market, we were passionate about developing such an incredible material for the world of architect and design.

Great 10 years Development

DEBO® has been developing High Pressure Compact Laminate for a wide variety of applications of both interior and exterior as structural and decorative building materials. DEBO® wins its honor of high quality product performance and long term partnership with its sales networks worldwide.

2015-­2019, Upgrade

DEBO® set its sales networks for more than 65 countries, enlarged the production base over 60,000m2, upgraded the production facilitates to a new level of capability and quality.

From 2020

In 2020, Covid-­19 sweeps the world and we increase our research and development efforts to make the surface of our panels more antimicrobial; In 2023, The outbreak in China is over, but the global energy boom and high inflation make environmental protection and sustainability even more of a priority for our company.