Electric Power Plant

Zhejiang, China

Wall Cladding System

Compact Laminate

Due to the radiation pressure brought by the power plant, traditional MDF board and Aluminium Composite Panels are not good enough for the wall anymore, while DEBO Compact Laminate has a stronger resistant to pressure. Therefore, it would be in the favourite for the power plants, chemical plants etc. Risewell provided one-stop services, including design, production, installation and consultant for the project. We used DEBO Compact laminate 8mm #1932 Antique White, wall hanging system, for a total of about 800 m2per floor. This project was completed in April.2009, which is the second project of wall cladding system we have done so far for Electric Power Plants after the project of Guangdong Shaoguan Electric Power Plant finished in 2008.