Guangzhou Huali College Jiangmen Campus

Guangzhou, China


Compact Laminate

DEBO® joined hands with Guangzhou Huali College Jiangmen Campus to bring aesthetic taste to the vibrant campus. The project is based on a simple and elegant style, focusing on the harmony of materials and environment without noisy colors and redundant design and allowing the artistic atmosphere to linger around the students at all times.

Guangzhou Huali College (formerly known as Guangdong University of Technology Huali College), an excellent comprehensive university that strives to achieve coordinated development among such disciplines as engineering,economics,management,literature and arts, has one of the highest graduation employment rates. It interior doors are mainly made of DEBO® Compact Laminate.

The cooperation project with Guangzhou Huali College Zengcheng Campus is a representative new work of DEBO® in the campus case. The project is based on classical aesthetics and academic scenes, which together build a poetic space and interpret the balance point between modern and classical art and culture. It creates a majestic feeling and a clean and simple refreshing silhouette, as well as a solemn and elegant artistic charm. It brings synergy form into the literary atmosphere of the campus, presenting a perfectly integrated visual space.