Gymnasium of Shantou University

Shantou, Guangdong, China

DEBO Lockers System

Compact Laminate

The new stadium of Shantou University, also known as “Shantou Sports Entertainment Park,” it’s another large-scale investment project of Mr. Li Ka-shing in Shantou University. The new stadium with a total investment of 560 million yuan, and was designed by the famous American designer David Manica. Stadium innovative approaches to cater for future needs, with novel appearance, rich connotations, design concept for the “Air Park” is a person interacting with the landscape of sports and leisure space.

According to the introduction of project leader, Shantou University new stadium is a complex project. It includes a multi-purpose indoor stadium with more than 6,000 spectator seats, a multi-purpose hall, a standard indoor pool with more than 400 spectator seats, a 170-room configuration reception centers, and more than 340 interior & outdoor parking spaces.

Shantou University new stadium adopt high standards of design, high cost and complicated construction. Wherein the facilities of basketball hall were designed according to NBA standards, will become Asia’s premier basketball hall. DEBO as the well-known brand of compact laminate lockers. Together with Shenzhen Jianwei Decorative & Design Ltd, provide athletes lockers (according to NBA standard design). The project was officially put into use in 2016, and the project has become another successful example in the school gymnasium of DEBO Compact Laminate Lockers.