Lockers of Graceland, Zhejiang

Wuzhen, Greentown, Zhejiang

DEBO Lockers System

Compact Laminate

Located in the national 5A scenic spot, wuzhen graceland is keeping in good health pension, health care and leisure vacation for three major themes of the government benchmarking project, including six big areas : health residential area, the happiness institute, pension demonstration zone, medical park, characteristic business district and resort.

DEBO as the leading brand in the field of compact laminate, established the strategic partnership with greentown group headquarters, undertook a full range of swimming pool lockers project for greentown.

Why they choose DEBO for this swimming pool lockers project? Because the waterproof, fire prevention, moistureproof and durable solid feature of our panels is inseparable, in addition our designers choose original woodgrain color, cater to graceland, the charm of the combination of classical art and modern design, make and bring out the best in each other, architectural decoration whole is contracted and lively and do not break elegance sedate, build give a kind of carefree and comfortable life to enjoy.High quality and exquisite craft, timely and thoughtful all-round caring service, received the greentown group headquarters approval again!