MOI Jiangsu Taizhou Shop

Taizhou, Jiangsu, China

DEBO Toilet Cubicles System

Compact Laminate

On February 1 st, 2015. This is a happy day because of the grand opening of MOI Taizhou Shopping mall located in the prime downtown center.

MOI Taizhou shopping mall is an important part of MOI Thaizhou city complex project, collecting the department stores, supermarkets, studios, food, entertainment, leisure, eat, drink, play, music, shopping. There are total of eight levels high, is currently the tallest mall in taizhou.

Risewell , as a leader in the field of hpl toiet cubicles , was recognized by the MOI headquarters in 2009, passing various inspection, became their strategic partner – public toilet partition supplier, completed the superior supply and installation of shenzhen MOI toilet partition building, won “excellent supplier” award. It’s a master piece after Taizhou MOI project. the total volume are 133 units toilet cubicles, Male’s toilet is in blue and white and Female’s toilet is in yellow and white, Their general appearance, visual perception is wonderful, excellent quality and exquisite craft, timely and thoughtful all-round caring service, Won the praise and encouragement by MOI headquarter , Risewell signed the big contract with 391 units toilet cubicles project of shanxi MOI complex shopping mall.