The British School of Nanjing

Nangjing, Jiangsu, China

DEBO Lockers

Compact Laminate

Established in 2007, The British School of Nanjing is built and operated by world-famous British school foundation. This organization has built 10 international school worldwide, the biggest of which is The British School of Nanjing.

Aim at the security, environmentally-friendly property and functionality of the product, DEBO team provided exclusive L138 HPL locker system to meet requirement from school authority. Based on the unique design and high density quality, DEBO HPL Lockers is durable, fashionable and cost saving. Since 2013, DEBO have been offering new lockers to The British School of Nanjing every year and honored to be the most reliable supplier of the school authority.

DEBO team looks forward to establish business relationship with more school owners and design companies. We are committed to provide the advanced designs, products and solutions for international school!