Whealthfields Lohmann Ltd

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

DEBO Toilet Cubicles & Lockers

Compact Laminate

Whealthfields Lohmann (Guangzhou) Ltd., headquartered in Conghua Guangzhou, is a large Hong Kong-owned enterprise, and also the industry leader in personal hygiene, sanitation and disinfection products. Its personal care and disinfection products occupy a leading position in the market of many countries and regions.

July 2013, DEBO toilet partition / Lockers system passed the company’s rigorous supplier evaluation, eventually becoming the company’s only designated supplier of toilet partition / Lockers. For 3 years, DEBO has complete finished nearly 100 toilet partition and lockers of Whealthfields office building and factory. DEBO consistent product quality, excellent service satisfied customer very well.