Wuhan 4PM Heshi Fitness

Wuhan, Hubei, China

DEBO Lockers System

Compact Laminate

Located at New Garden Business Center, River Bank Construction Boulevard in Wuhan and in virtue of the prosperous business circle and the well-developed transportation network, 4PM HE SHI Fitness is determined to be the leading fitness center in Wuhan.

4PM HE SHI Fitness dedicated to create an industrial and technical fitness style. DEBO team elaborately designed to build 106 units of 2 tiers locker with the classic color of black, white and gray. The color collocation creates versatile dynamic changing, which perfectly meets the requirement of our customer. Matched with portable IC induction lock, this locker highlights the overall industrial style.

DEBO will continue to adhere to the mission of serving our customer, being the reliable cooperative partner of our customer.